We help our customers get out of work early and look good in front of their bosses and clients. As a result, they give us a lot of love.

P.S. For the record, we love them too.

  • “CB Insights' intuitive user interface, analytical capabilities, and detailed investment information create a very powerful tool for our team's research needs.”

    Nate D' Anna,

    Corporate Development, Cisco

  • "Leveraging CB Insights enhances our ability to identify and track emerging technology and trends. We're able to engage with high-potential startups and inform our digital innovation strategy.”

    Smarty Mathew John,

    Vice President of Digital Operations, American Bureau of Shipping

    American Bureau of Shipping
  • "We're using CB Insights at Salesforce Ventures to analyze industry trends that are relevant to our strategy. It's helped improve our efficiency."

    Matt Garratt,

    Sr. Director Corporate Development, Salesforce

  • "CB Insights' analytics platform and interactive UI have been great tools for us when exploring nascent industry trends. Using their data visualization capabilities to quickly enhance our understanding of developing market opportunities has proven to be very valuable."

    Jesse Wu,

    CTO Office, Redhat

  • "CB Insights perfectly illustrates what I expect today from such online services to stay tuned to our fast-changing Tech Landscape. Accurate and up-to-date data mash-ups, intuitive UIs, smart data visualization capabilities…all packaged together with straightforward pricing."

    Simon Mencarelli,

    Senior Manager Strategic Planning, Dassault Systèmes

    Dassault Systèmes
  • "We have been looking for a tool that could give us the ability to track, research and identify investment opportunities. CB Insights provides this simply and in a simple, easy to use interface. The depth of information that we get is exactly what we need. Great product."

    Jonathan Tudor,

    Ventures Director, Castrol innoVentures

    Castrol innoVentures
  • "CB Insights provides our team with a holistic and thematic approach that really captures market activity. In private markets with fragmented public, private and often blogged deal data to parse through we've found CBI to have the best access for the most accurate market view."

    Jack Leeney,

    Portfolio Manager, Telefónica Ventures

  • "CB Insights provides fast and easy access to accurate and comprehensive industry, private company and investor/acquirer data... you get customer support within minutes for every question and custom data request from people who know what they are talking about."

    Kevin Diestel,

    Principal, Sapphire Ventures

    Sapphire Ventures